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Why Lambda Phi Epsilon?

Why Lambdas? Lambda Phi Epsilon is an organization that will challenge every aspect of your college life. You will learn how to become a leader in your school, your community and in the world you enter after college. Lambda life extends far beyond the reach of your school. With chapters across the country, including Canada, you will have a chance to network with brothers from all over, bringing with it many opportunities, both during your time as an active and when you become an alumni. The road to becoming a Lambda is not easy, but the rewards are well worth it. It takes a certain type of man to become a Lambda, someone who wants to become a leader among men. Perhaps that's you.

What is Rush?

Rush is a period at the beginning of the semester when anyone interested in Lambda Phi Epsilon or Greek life in general can come to our events to meet brothers and learn more about the fraternity. Contrary to popular belief, coming out to rush does not commit you to anything at all. You do NOT have to attend all events to be able to join the fraternity. The only thing we expect from our rushees is that they have a good time at our events. Along the way, we hope they will also meet the brothers and learn more about the values of the fraternity.

Do I have to be Asian to join?

While we are an Asian-American Interest Fraternity, there are brothers all over the country with ethnicities other than Asian. You do not have to be Asian to come to rush events and you do not have to be Asian to join Lambda Phi Epsilon. Everyone is invited.

National Connections

Lambda Phi Epsilon is an internationally recognized fraternity. Therefore, you will have brothers and connections in states from California, Washington, Texas, and Michigan, all the way to New York, Maryland, and Georgia. If you ever visit any of the 46 and growing chapters Lambda Phi Epsilon has in the United States and Canada, you will always have a place to stay and people to take you around.

Alumni Networking

Lambda Phi Epsilon has a strong alumni network, both locally and on the national and international levels. Recently, the National Council of Lambda Phi Epsilon has started to compile an alumni list with job descriptions and telephone numbers for actives to contact at their convenience. This list, as well as the many driven people you will meet, is a valuable networking tool to help you get jobs right out of college and valuable internships during the periods between semesters.

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